The best time to start a blog is after some really invigorating experience. And this is my start. I have been to the III. Naples Urban Sketchers Workshop. I guess I’m an urban sketcher for a long time now. Since my student days when studying landscape architecture I went out sketching urban and rural landscapes and people in urban settings. I draw a lot. All the time. I just love it! And this is a blog about my necessity to draw.

In Naples, sketching was a hard work. What a bliss! We either sketched or walked from 9am to 9pm and barely had time for a slice of pizza or the beautiful picnic in the park. In such creative atmosphere one can produce a lot more then one would in the solitude of own aspirations. Thank you Simo, Caroline, Nina and Federico, and all the Napoli 2014 Urban sketchers for the great time we had in Napoli! I’ve been inspired by you and the place and here is my Napoli 2014 sketchbook to prove it.

Some links to other sites:

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Collecting Napoli swatches:

NAPOLI 2014 2

and, of course my sketching gear:

tanja simonic korosak sketching gear napoli 2014