I arrived to Naples on June 4, the day before the III. Naples Urban Sketchers Workshop started. Coming form a sort of lazy middle european town to bustling Naples kind of shocks you. It is the chaos that surprises you. And one starts to search for the order in this disorder. Naples is full of such contrast; structures, colours, sounds, smells, people and the stories overwhelm you immediately.

Museo Nitsch was the location of our first meeting and the viewing terrace offered a great panorama of the Naples rooftops with antennas and satellite dishes and secret gardens and… just abandoned flat roofs with weathered tar finish. I could observe a hint of Mount Vesuvius and a patch of the Gulf of Naples sea in the distance. I was searching for the primordial volcanic grounds amidst the crowded houses in the built up valley and hardly found one: the remnants of the volcanic landscape, from which the city grew in the past thousands of years. Urban landscape developed, which is full of contrast between nature vs. culture, rocks vs. walls, green vs. built.

NAPOLI 2014 5