At III. Naples Urban sketchers Workshop our first stop was at the Fontana del Belvedere in Parco di Capodimonte. Romantic fountain with female nudes and monster-like dolphins with water dripping from the top was almost totally overgrown. A challenge for figuring out the structures and textures and to depict the greens. Nature finds the way!

NAPOLI 2014 6  NAPOLI 2014 7

After a lovely picnic in the park we continued our work at the Laboratorio di Restauro of Museo di Capodimonte. In the workshop with Carolyne Peyron we tried to depict the disorder in the restoration centre. In the crammed restoration workshop we were surrounded by the industrial like infrastructure and half restored artefacts, which were waiting to be renewed and brought to public eyes once again. Later, at the Museum itself we used transparent papers to overlay these drawings with the ones of more ordered structures. New visual stories evolved which were surprisingly reflecting unexpected bonds between the disorder and order worlds through structures, compositions, perspectives and  detailing. What a great way to use transparencies!

napoli 2014 9_1

napoli 2014 9_2 napoli 2014 9_3 napoli 2014 9_4