Some time ago I was visiting Athens and from Zeus temple I could see magnificent ruins of Acropolis in the distance.


Walking up the hill to the entrance – Propylaea – I could imagine groups of ancient Greeks approaching the sacred temples of Acropolis with the utmost reverence.


Once a large bronze statue of  Athena Promachos – the goddess of wisdom and warriors – stood in front of the Propylaea with Parthenon (to the right), and greeted the approaching Athenians who she protected.


I approached the ruins of Parthenon and observed the details. Sadly, not much of the sculptures were left, which adorned the temple. Much of the great sculptor Pheidias’ Parthenon work is now housed  in the British Museum. But while observing the beautiful harmony of architectonic elements, I noticed two horse heads on both side of the triangular pediment and sketched them. I love to draw horses!

And all this is why I sketch! Sketching helps me understand the panorama and the detail of the places I visit. I can figure things out by drawing them, I learn from the places and things I see. Sketching makes me observe harder, makes me become more involved in the place and its genius loci. Sketching helps me explore and discover details, I would otherwise miss. And thus makes me more alive.