When sketching landscapes, sometimes you just don’t have the luxury of time to sketch slowly say 15 or 20 minutes a sketch. Sometimes you only have one very short window of opportunity, literary a look through the window,… and the scene is gone. These sketches were produced in no more then 10 or 15 seconds. Yet to my opinion they grasp the essence of the place sketched. You see many of such views of churches on the hills when driving through Slovenian countryside.

One of my more memorable experience is definitely sketching the Istanbul Golden horn bridge some years ago. We were riding on an old bus which was pretty much the same as in ‘Ko to tamo peva?’ (an old ex-yugoslav film) one, the old bus driver was sitting behind the wheel and I almost heard him scream ‘Vozi Miško!’ line… Just for a short while I could see the waters of Golden Horn, the bridge and the old city wall in the distance.  And  the view was gone.

And here is the sketch.


I’m always interested in the context of urban setting or the landscape context of an interesting architectural work. Looking through the bus window while on a field trip in France, I had only a very short time to observe the expressive silhouette of Ronchamp, Le Corbusier’s iconic Church. tsk_france3

or just a small village in the french countryside. And yet, I believe you can grasp the ‘genius loci’ of the place in its entirety by using only several pen lines.