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Since I’ve taken up the mission to sketch 850 sketches of my hometown Maribor to celebrate 850 years of the first written record and post sketches to my blog Sketch my city!, strange and most rewarding things have started to happen.

First of all, I started to walk the streets I never walked before. I see sketching as an obligation but also a deep need. I have to sketch and I need to take my sketchbook ‘for a walk’ every day. This turned out to be sometimes rather tricky. It can rain and you don’t really have the nerve to go out again, or you just don’t have the time and there is no good day light. Yet, you overcome all these obstacles and do it anyway (and you start to study nightscapes too). So to my satisfaction, I sketch the city, everyday!

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And it is a most rewarding experience, I tell you. Most of the people pass me by, ignoring my sketching endeavours and that is just fine. Yet some give me a curious look, or they stop, asking politely if they can peek at my sketches. We start to talk and they like the idea of sketching Maribor very much. Sometimes they realise that they have never noticed this house or that sculpture before, although they would pass it on a regular basis. The other day a friend just gave me a big ‘like’ while jogging past me in the park.

So far I have done some drawings which I like a lot, and honestly, some not so nice sketches too. But I keep trying,  I keep failing too, while learning on the go. I understand sketching on location not so much as seeking for perfect end result, but as a search and development of own observational and drawing skills. And while sketching, the world in front of your eyes comes to life in an entirely new perspective.