tanja simonic korosak_kozarica 2014 14

There are three islands in the sea just off shore of Pakoštane village in Dalmatia, namely Island of St. Justinus, Veliki Školj and Babuljaš. I read somewhere that locals also call them the Islands of Belief, Hope and Love. There is a small church on the first one, a cross on the second – the largest, and there is just a small wood on the third, the smallest of the three. There was a roman Vila rustica in the mainland and they also found remains of an antique pier in the seas. This is an old landscape!

One day we rented a funny white and blue pedal boat and pedaled across to each of the islands. The following two sketches show the so called Love Island.

tanja simonic korosak_kozarica 2014 22

The same island, only instead in watercolour technique I used pen and brown ink.tanja simonic korosak_kozarica 2014 23

A partial view of the middle island and some boats nearby. I’m sure there are some goats up there in the rugged limestone rocks too, grazing delicious adriatic herbs .

tanja simonic korosak_kozarica 2014 33

And a tiny sketch of the small one, again, this time I was cleaning my palette and the colours were more greenish and brownish and I like this almost monochromatic effect very much.

tanja simonic korosak_kozarica 2014 46


I wonder what was the view  of these island like from the Vila rustica, back in the old days.