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When you travel from Maribor to Vienna by train, you follow the original route of the Austrian Southern Railway, which was built in the first half of 19th century. The Railway connected Vienna with Trieste on the Adriatic coast via Maribor. The times of the second largest empire in Europe are long gone but the travel is still majestic, particularly in the picturesque Semmering mountains. The railway in this area was built with the industrialised future in mind. At the time of building the steep Semmering line, no engine was yet constructed to climb it and to follow the small radius curves. Austrian engineering ingenuity pulled it through. Today, the Semmering line is a UNESCO heritage site. Riding the train exactly 160 years later I was idly sketching away the scenic mountain landscapes, admiring the view. Rezi, a small dog of unknown breed, was sitting in the lap of the fellow passenger. She tried to lick my elbow from time to time, and I could’t help but sketch the curves of her head too.

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