tanja simonic korosak vienna 2014 9

People picnicing on the large meadow

tanja simonic korosak vienna 2014 10

The waterfall 

For over a week of my stay in Vienna I was walking every day from Bokuheim towards BOKU, where I tutored at an International summer school. I could have taken tram and bus but the walk was much more interesting. After a short walk through the villa area on the bottom of the Vienna forest I came to Türkenschanzpark. I really like the park and its articulated landforms. Many large plane tree, sophoras and a growing collection of exotic trees are growing in the park. The undulating meadows and curvy paths, waterfall and ponds were constructed and planted in English landscape style in the second half of the 19 th century. Some centuries ago it was the location of sieging Turk’s trenches, later gravel extracting site and by 19 th century it became popular area where wealthy Viennese built their villas, romantically termed Cottages.

tanja simonic korosak vienna 2014 25

One of the large beech trees in the park

tanja simonic korosak vienna 2014 21

Sycamore tree by the pond

The landscape design represented the much preferred alpine landscapes of Semmering where royalty and the wealthy would spend summer vacations. Even a train line runs partly uncovered through the park. Metaphorically, an atmosphere of alpine landscapes was brought to the city. And today, the park is bustling with life. From morning till late evening joggers, dog walkers, people picnicing and sunbathing, people coming for a drink, playful children and yoga practitioners occupy open and hidden areas of the park. It is a park as it should be.

tanja simonic korosak vienna 2014 23

Every morning, the crows would sit on the wooden fence

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