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For all you lovers of wine and vineyards and grapes I have a story for you. The oldest living grapevine on Earth grows in Maribor, some minutes of walking from where I live! It is around 400 years old and it still bears grapes and gives wine. We call it simply The Old Vine and it is an old slovenian cultivar of Vitis vinifera namely Žametovka. I wanted to dedicate a whole Number 3 Sketchbook of my project Sketch my city! Celebrating with Maribor, 850 years, 850 sketches to this noble plant. But not just anyhow. I wanted to sketch the vine with wine ink. And not just any wine! It was to be the wine from the old vine (or at least from its direct descendants). So I went for a quest. Checked several sources on how to make ink. But most importantly, at the Old Vine House where the Old vine grows they were so kind to support my endeavours. They gave me a bottle of true vine from the ‘daughter ‘ of the Old Vine, for which I am really thankful. And how did I make the Old vine wine ink? This I will write in my next blog The wine ink alchemy Check sketches from Nos. 110 to 127 on Sketch my city! blog.


So it happens that dealing with landscape is my professional concern. But wherever I am and wherever we go, landscape is all around me. I am part of it. It surrounds me. Better yet, I’m immersed in it. And in the dozens and dozens of digital sketches I did on my smart phone some time ago, I couldn’t resist but sketch landscapes too. Landscapes are always on my mind.