tanja simonic korosak- making wine ink

In the previous post I promised to write about making ink from wine. I sketched several sketches in this ink, made from wine of the descendants of the oldest grapevine on Earth, which grows in my home town Maribor and blogged about it. Check there sketches from 110 to 127).

Ink making requires some curiosity and exploration. In Europe, two types of ink were primarilly produced and used in the old days. Carbon inks derived their blackness from lampblack or soot and iron gall inks were a particular concoction of several naturally occuring substances. I researched the latter. All of different ink making recipes have some things in common: the source of tannine, vitriol, gum arabic and water or wine. The most curious ingredient in the old days was vitriol, the number one basic substance in the alchemic kitchen.  It is basically hidrated ferrous sulphate, also called Coppera, in slovenian language – zelena galica. Today it is an excellent addition to the soil in vine growing regions. The ink, in which I sketched this very ‘complicated’ recipe is – no other then – old grapevine wine ink.