tsk_sketching in snow2

I thought of sharing my winter sketching experience. It was very cold that day but I managed to keep warm in my mountaineer shoes and some thermo clothing. The water (for my watercolours) would freeze so these days I use charcoal instead. It is total fun. I put a strange looking blue latex glove over my thermo one in order to keep the charcoal dust away, and I was good to go. Check my Sketch my city! blog, the sketches from 182 to 184 were drawn here, at Betnava Mansion in the south of Maribor.

tsk_sketching in snow

Saturday was sunny so we went for a walk along Drava river banks. A bit windy, but great Valetine’s. Eventually, a flock of swans swam toward us wanting to get some food of which we had none. I draw one for a good measure,in the view of the Medical Faculty across the river.

tsk_valentines   tsk_valentines2

Check my Sketch my city! blog for the lates sketches, drawings 192 to 194.