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On monday I continued my own landscape explorations. First visit was to Tiergarten park, one of the largest public parks in Berlin and Germany, located in the heart of the city. In the 15th century it used to be hounting grounds, later they introduced baroque geometrical structures and garden elements.

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In the 19th century it was changed again. Landscape architect Peter Joseph Lenne designed the grounds as an English landscape park still preserving some original landscape elements. Nazi regime changed part of the park and in the WWII most of two hundred thousands of trees and park structures were destroyed, only several hundred trees remained. After the war the park was slowly reconstructed.

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I walked up and down the winding paths, exploring green spaces and sketching and in 7 hours I managed to experience but a portion of this 210 ha large park.

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Yet enough to understand the colourful life of this urban park of many shades of green.

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I finished my walk at the Branderburger Tor.

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I then discoverd one more intimate landscape memorial in the part of Tiergarten, very close to Reichstag. A Memorial to Sinti and Roma, who were murdered under Nazi regime was designed by Dani Karan.

denkmal sinti roma