The weather was great and I headed toward Charlottenburg to explore the grounds of the Charlottenburg castle to the west of Berlin.

tanja simonic korosak_ 90

Today it is a lively public park with a geometric baroque character closer to the castle and a more organic feel of the landscape style park to the north, along Spree river. The baroque part was designed by Simon Godeau, a pupil of Le Notre (author of Versailles park in Paris), and the landscape style part was later designed by great german landscape architect, Peter Joseph Lenne.

schloss charlottenburg

And the park has many things one would wish for a succesful urban green, story, winding paths, vistas and views, refuges in more secluded spaces, pond, bridges and island, temples and playground and ancient trees.

tanja simonic korosak_ 91

Later I went to the Museum insel and even more busy Hackesher Markt, enjoying the warm april sun as did hundreds on the lawns by Spree river.

museum inselhackerscher markt

In the evening, I went to get some turkish kebab and tea, reflecting on things I’ve seen and landscapes that I have experienced. While observing the roof garden just across the street, I just couldn’t help but notice the large cage and some chicken in it. This seemed as an upgrading of urban agriculture to urban poultry farming in the heart of urban metropolis.

tanja simonic korosak_ 100

Then I went to pack my things and left Berlin early next morning.