tanja simonic korosak_magnolia

My project Sketch my city! Celebrating with Maribor, 850 years, 850 sketches (check the sketches I have posted so far on 850mb.wordpress.com) develops in different directions now. I’m posting there sketches from Sketchbook no. 07 from Regional museum Maribor at the moment. In the beginning of may I have already finished the Sketchbook no. 08 in the Botanical garden and the sketches are on show there since May 9th.

What I liked about the process is that I collected stuff for mark-making tools straight from their large compost heap. I grouped some branches and inflorescences into pens and brushes and tried them out.

tanja simonic korosak_compost heap01 tanja simonic korosak_compost heap02

Some proved to be very succesful, some a bit less.

tanja simonic korosak_compost heap03

Well, when I wanted some special texture effects, I just pulled out some weeds from the path and voila! tanja simonic korosak_compost heap04 tanja simonic korosak_compost heap05

Watercolours were applied in a regular fashion with a brush, so hey, still plenty to explore in the compost heap challenge! And here are some sketches from the exhibition.tanja simonic korosak_jelsa

tanja simonic korosak_dren