My dear friend Martina of APRILdesign has just designed this silver mistletoe ring for me. One of a kind! She sent me the pics and I can hardly wait to get hold of it

My ink drawings of mistletoe branches were actually an afterthought to accompany the exhibition of APRILdesign jewellery two weeks ago. My drawings from Sketch my city! Sketchbook no. 10 were enlarged and they accompany beautifuly crafted jewellery by APRILdesign.

We are all being inspired by humble everyday flowers and trees, that grow around us. From exhibition APRIL JE TU / April is here / jewelery design by Nataša Grandovec and Martina Obid Mlakar / drawings by Tanja Simonič Korošak At Pokrajinski arhiv / Regional Archives Maribor, on view until the end of August.

APRIL JE TU branches and birds APRIL JE TU daisy APRIL JE TU dandelion 2 APRIL JE TU forgetmenot APRIL JE TU mistletoe APRIL JE TU willow