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tsk_sketching in snow2

I thought of sharing my winter sketching experience. It was very cold that day but I managed to keep warm in my mountaineer shoes and some thermo clothing. The water (for my watercolours) would freeze so these days I use charcoal instead. It is total fun. I put a strange looking blue latex glove over my thermo one in order to keep the charcoal dust away, and I was good to go. Check my Sketch my city! blog, the sketches from 182 to 184 were drawn here, at Betnava Mansion in the south of Maribor.

tsk_sketching in snow

Saturday was sunny so we went for a walk along Drava river banks. A bit windy, but great Valetine’s. Eventually, a flock of swans swam toward us wanting to get some food of which we had none. I draw one for a good measure,in the view of the Medical Faculty across the river.

tsk_valentines   tsk_valentines2

Check my Sketch my city! blog for the lates sketches, drawings 192 to 194.



ARH EX 06ARH EX 06-1ARH EX 07-1   ARH EX 07ARH EX 05-1ARH EX 08

First stop at Lago di Como, visiting some architectures by Giuseppe Terragni, continuing to Switzerland stopping at Chiasso at M.A.X Museo and at School of Architecture in Mendrisio. The evening visit to Mario Botta’s Archive concluded the day.

tanja simonic korosak SEVNICA IN AJDOV GRADEC04tanja simonic korosak SEVNICA IN AJDOV GRADEC01 tanja simonic korosak SEVNICA IN AJDOV GRADEC02 tanja simonic korosak SEVNICA IN AJDOV GRADEC03

As the Sevnica castle dominates above Sava river, so has the nearby antique settlement Ajdovski gradec a very particular dominating position. The archeological park that we visited in our quest of Slovenia’s oldest, best etc. dates from the 5-6th century AD. It is the best researched and preserved late Roman and early Christian settlement and was at the time one of the largest early Christian centres in Alps and Danube area. The settlement sits on the top of the now overgrown hill with remnants of two small churches on the top, several buildings and fortification walls. One tries to imagine the life in those times and that place. It seems that it was a hiding place, a refuge.  The views across Sava river must have been great as well.  The arrival of our slavic ancestors would cease the life of Ajdovski gradec.

tanja simonic korosak cityscape 1

From time to time I return to the primeval sketching tool, the charcoal, and give it a go. I was thinking about urban landscapes and spaces in which we live and sketched some abstracted images.

tanja simonic korosak cityscape 0

From the organically shaped caves and primitive dwellings people ended living in the geometrically rational, explainable structures.

tanja simonic korosak cityscape 2

Is there still a room for Alexander’s ‘quality without a name’?

tanja simonic korosak cityscape 3

We build these living patterns and we live these patterns.

tanja simonic korosak cityscape 4

And we should strive today, more then ever, for the timeless way of building.

For all you lovers of wine and vineyards and grapes I have a story for you. The oldest living grapevine on Earth grows in Maribor, some minutes of walking from where I live! It is around 400 years old and it still bears grapes and gives wine. We call it simply The Old Vine and it is an old slovenian cultivar of Vitis vinifera namely Žametovka. I wanted to dedicate a whole Number 3 Sketchbook of my project Sketch my city! Celebrating with Maribor, 850 years, 850 sketches to this noble plant. But not just anyhow. I wanted to sketch the vine with wine ink. And not just any wine! It was to be the wine from the old vine (or at least from its direct descendants). So I went for a quest. Checked several sources on how to make ink. But most importantly, at the Old Vine House where the Old vine grows they were so kind to support my endeavours. They gave me a bottle of true vine from the ‘daughter ‘ of the Old Vine, for which I am really thankful. And how did I make the Old vine wine ink? This I will write in my next blog The wine ink alchemy Check sketches from Nos. 110 to 127 on Sketch my city! blog.

So it happens that dealing with landscape is my professional concern. But wherever I am and wherever we go, landscape is all around me. I am part of it. It surrounds me. Better yet, I’m immersed in it. And in the dozens and dozens of digital sketches I did on my smart phone some time ago, I couldn’t resist but sketch landscapes too. Landscapes are always on my mind.

I really drew a lot of birds at some point when I was totally mesmerised by the newly acquired gadget – a smart phone.  Check also the previous post! Probably somewhere about 150. A large flock, I tell you!  Once you start, you just can’t stop. The birds of a feather flock together. I was exploring the approach of multiple solutions for a particular form. Bird’s form, that is. Birds have distinctive features which are fun to draw, develop in a sketch, and abstract as well. So a whole series of illustrations of birds of all kind was developed. Here I post a selection of 9 birds.

The last days of August are a good time for some cleaning up and sorting things out. I’ve arranged all my sketchbooks on the shelves and then thought to do some cleaning of computer hard drive too. I came across a series of sketches, I almost forgot about. I sketched them two years ago on my then newly bought Samsung Note telephone. Due to the added pen I could start sketching digitally right away. I used one very simple software, which allowed only simple colouring and erasing. As it turned out, the drawings became almost as some lino block prints. I truly liked the results.



We had some herb tea in the evening. I was reading art books on drawing and watercolours by Walter Koschatsky. I felt I had to sketch a bit. I took my role of Fabriano Accademia 120 gm sketching paper, which was waiting for me since my art supply shopping in Vienna. I cut a piece of paper and folded it into an accordion sketchbook. In a matter of minutes! I usually test new papers with the media I most often use, namely graphite, ink, ink wash, and watercolour wash. To my surprise it took all of the media beautifuly. Definitely a new candidate for my handmade sketchbooks! I got inspired by the great masters, and honestly, I needed to break away from my Sketch my city! sketches too. So I sketched several portraits, a torso, and in the end an urban landscape too.

tanja simonic korosak_850mb_094 tanja simonic korosak_850mb_093 tanja simonic korosak_850mb_091

I thought to share some sketches of the fruiting beauties from my ‘Sketch my city! walks (Nos. 091, 093 & 094). The autumn is approaching and the proof for it grows along the paths of my everyday walks too. The sun loving shrubs grow along the path of the Kalvarija hill. All three are an ecological haven for all sorts of birds and insects. The Hawthorn (Crataegus) and the Dog rose (Rosa canina) are medicinal plants too, whereas consuming the Wayfarer tree (Viburnum) should definitely be avoided. All three have showy late summer and autumn fruits which are joy to sketch. Red, lush, and happy in the sun.

And yes, there was a green locust with shiny red eyes sitting on a leaf of the Wayfarer tree, waiting patiently for me to finish the sketch.